One-on-One Cancer Support

Cancer patients and caregivers have complex emotional needs and that’s why we’re partnering with Imerman Angels to help members of the Worth the Wait community find one-on-one peer support, through mentors (aka Mentor Angels) from cancer diagnosis through survivorship and beyond.

Need support?

Through our partnership with Imerman Angels, we can help you seek support through an Angel Mentor with a similar life experience and cancer story. Your Angel Mentor will provide support, guidance, and connection. Best of all, this peer-to-peer mentoring is free and available to you if you’re a previvor, cancer patient or caregiver.

Ready to give support?

We’re also recruiting cancer survivors of all types, caregivers, siblings of patients and those who are at high risk of developing cancer to become Angel Mentors.

Mentor Angels volunteer to share their experience, provide comfort and understanding and answer questions. Mentor relationships can be one phone call to lifelong friendships.

Worth the Wait Co-Founder, Mike, has been a Mentor Angel with Imerman Angels since 2013 and has formed numerous meaningful relationships with other testicular cancer survivors. Co-Founder, Megan, signed up as a caregiver Angel Mentor in 2023 and is looking forward to her match.

 Why does it matter?

Peer-to-peer cancer mentoring offers individualized, one-on-one support with proven results. Patients with peer mentors are more likely to maintain their overall well-being, sustain hope and motivation, and increase self-efficacy through their relationships with their mentors.1

1 Brauer, Clark, Solberg Nes, Miller et al., Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Volume 51, Issue 5, e5 – e7; Rini, C., Lawsin, C., Austin, J.,
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